Fundraising for Camp Quality

Your team can fundraise however you wish to do so - from morning teas to gala dinners, the ideas are endless! Choose the event or activity that suits your workplace.


Easy "Giggle" Ideas

  • Go Casual for Camp Quality - Ask staff to make a donation to dress casual for the day
  • Morning or Afternoon Tea - Charge an entry fee and have entrants donate a plate of food
  • Sweepstakes or Tipping Comps - Charge an entry fee and have entrants donate a plate of food
  • Baby Photo Guessing Comp - Get your work colleagues to bring in a cute baby photo of themselves and charge people to guess who is who!
  • Guessing Game - Guess How many jellybeans are in the jar
  • Cake Sale - It's a bake-off! Bake a few cakes or slices and sell them
  • Cold Turkey - Be sponsored to give up something
  • Melbourne Cup Day - Hold a lunch and charge per head. Give prizes away for the best hat or best dressed
  • Long weekend BBQ - Celebrate the long weekend in style! Hold a BBQ at work and ask charge people for food and drinks

Create a Big “Laugh”

  • Locks for LaughsAsk people to sponsor you to shave or colour your hair! Choose a day at work to have it done, and get the highest sponsor to take the first snip or colour!
  • Dinners or trivia nights These work really well and are pretty simple to organise. Instead of numbers it could be happy/positive words to link in with Camp Quality! Contact us for the special CQ version!
  • Raffle / Auction organise prizes for a raffle or auction to have at work.  Ask your local businesses to support you with prize donations
  • Children’s Fun Day arrange activities and entertainment for your work colleagues to bring their children along and charge a fee for each child who participates. 
  • Office Olympics design some office sports for teams to compete in i.e. 10 yard chair dash, office desk table tennis, elastic band archery. Charge a per person entrance fee….and why not include a sweep stakes betting round?
  • Cinema Screening approach your local cinema and see if they will hold a preview screening of a new release movie for Camp Quality. Invite your colleagues to come along with their friends and family.  
  • Golf Day/Office Comp – a “hole” lot of fun! Either head to the local driving range or 9 hole course and take your bets! OR, get creative and create a miniature put-put Office Golf course (all you need is some cardboard/boxes and standard office equipment to use for obstacles, corners, rebound surfaces and holes.

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